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Our Story

"Be The Reason" was born out of a deep appreciation
for the artistry behind every cup of coffee

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Our journey began with a simple yet ingenious idea: to create a haven where people from all walks of life could come together and delve into the rich world of coffee – from the careful selection of beans to that final, fulfilling sip.

At Be the Reason, our passion extends beyond just serving coffee. Our goal is to create an elevated and meaningful coffee journey that goes beyond ordinary experience. With our team of dedicated professional baristas and roasters, we're committed to ensuring that each step of your coffee journey is guided with enthusiasm, expertise, and genuine excellence.

What We Offer

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Global Coffee Adventure

Explore the world through our carefully curated selection of premium coffee beans. Each hand picked coffee bean, a diverse and unique flavor that showcases the wonders of its origin.

Guided Self-Discovery

Embark on a personalized flavor journey. Through the guidance of our expert Japanese coffee specialist, uncover the secrets of selecting the perfect roast and flavor that suits your taste.

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Mastery in Roasting

Delve deeper into the artistry of coffee through roasting. From delicate light roasts to robust dark blends, our skilled baristas and roasters excel at bringing out the finest qualities in every green bean.

Meet our Japanese Coffee Specialist

Takayuki Sekiguchi

Mr. Takayuki Sekiguchi, a coffee specialist from Japan, began his professional career in the coffee industry as a distributor of Hawaiian Queen Coffee in Japan and Korea in 2010. He is a Certified Coffee Coordinator and manages the distribution of finely roasted beans for both online retailers and consumers.

With his extensive experience as a Certified Coffee Coordinator, he possesses profound knowledge in Product Development and Supply Chain Management. This expertise has enabled him to develop a deep understanding of various varieties and origins of Green Coffee Beans, allowing him to skillfully roast and brew them to achieve their optimal flavor profiles.

His vision for the Philippines is to enhance and uplift the Filipino Coffee Culture by delving into a profound comprehension of the underlying principles within each cup of coffee. In line with this overarching goal, the team at "Be the Reason" aims to provide a distinctive and unique experience to our patrons. We aspire to achieve this by enabling them to personally engage in the roasting and brewing processes of coffee, thereby deepening their connection with the beverage and the culture surrounding it.

The Philippines once served as Mr. Sekiguchi's second home, as he resided here for two years with his parents four decades ago. His return to this familiar place feels like a heartfelt homecoming.

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